Our Products

The food we grow nourishes us, and we want it to nourish you too, in a wholesome, natural way.

As a diversified family farm, we offer a variety of our own,  ‘Holm-grown’ products. Our animals do not receive artificial growth promoters or animal by-products, and we do not use synthetic pesticides on our produce.  We dedicate time to practicing good animal husbandry and land stewardship.

We spend time with our animals  to ensure they receive proper care–including a good back scratch or two. Our animals know the feel of a good summer breeze and enjoy the necessary warmth of their shelter in cooler seasons. They spend much of their time with their herd or flock mates, where they can interact freely with each other.

We also spend time tending the land that nourishes our animals and us. We have a hands on approach with our pastures and gardens. We use rotational grazing in our pastures and keep a garden hoe on every row.  We enjoy that first bite of a tomato in the summer, still warm from the sun’s rays, and the snappy reminder of fall when we bite into the turnip that’s in our ‘Holm-Made’ winter soup.


  • Golden Guernsey Dairy productsWe sell our own hand-crafted, fresh and aged farmstead cheeses, yogurt and milk using milk from our herd of Guernsey dairy cows. Their milk is what makes our dairy products so tasty! It also has natural nutrient benefits. Guernsey milk is naturally rich in beta-carotene, the hallmark of the Guernsey breed, and the reason their milk has a creamy, golden hue. The beta-carotene naturally found in Guernsey milk translates into the antioxidant, vitamin A, once consumed. Our Guernseys enjoy a diet of primarily pasture, hay and baleage. They may also receive grain as needed–free of animal by-products– to supplement their nutritional needs.
  • Angus Beef  — We offer a variety of beef cuts. From low and slow–like ribs, briskets and roasts, to great grillables –like steaks, burger and kebabs, and everything in between–like specialty products, including summer sausage.  We raise our own Angus cattle. They are a breed that naturally produces high quality meat, and we take pride in the quality of meat we sell to you.  Our Angus enjoy a diet primarily of pasture, hay and baleage. They may also receive grain as needed–free of animal by-products– to supplement their nutritional needs.
  • Milk-fed (‘whey good’) Pork– We offer nitrite- and nitrate- free bacon, ham, sausage, roasts and chops and specialty items, including pepperoni. Our pigs are milk- and whey-fed, which makes our pork flavorful and juicy.  Our pigs spend much of their time rooting and romping around in their outdoor paddock, or resting in their homemade nests inside the barn. They also receive grain–free of animal by-products–to supplement their nutritional needs.


Below, is a description of how we sell our products. We accept pre-orders for our meat and dairy, which you may pick up at our farmstand or an area market.

To place a pre-order, please, use our online order form

You may also email or leave a message on the farm phone: 207-395-4784.   Thanks for your support!

  • DAIRY–Our farm fresh milk and yogurt are packaged in recyclable glass jars to ensure the best quality, flavor and taste. We hand-craft our cheeses at our creamery in smaller batches and is packaged in a variety of sizes, depending upon the product. We incorporate our own,’Holm-Grown’ produce, herbs and flavorings when available and aim to source other product from independent businesses.  Our dairy is processed locally at our creamery, in our own state licensed and inspected facilities.
  • MEAT–Individually packaged, by the cut. It comes vacuum sealed and visible–so you can see what you’re purchasing, whether buying at a farmers market or our farmstand. Our meat is processed locally at family-owned facilities that are  USDA or Maine State Inspected, and are certified humane.
  • CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES—A solution for your special requests. We offer bulk orders of freezer meat, farm fresh milk, yogurt, farmstead cheeses, and bulk order group deliveries.