Our Cows. Our Cheese. For You!

Our herd of Guernsey cows provide nutrient dense milk, which we bottle, and handcraft into creamy yogurt, and fresh and aged artisan cheeses .  We handcraft all of our dairy at our state inspected and licensed creamery at our farm in Winthrop, Maine.

Handcrafted farmstead dairy products are unique. Each cheese we make is a special recipe that combines the creamy, sweet flavor of fresh Guernsey milk, with specific aging times, and no artificial preservatives or dyes.

The special combination of Guernsey milk—milk that’s naturally rich in beta carotene, vitamin D and balanced omega 3’s and 6’s—and the attention to detail that comes with caring for our own cows and handcrafting yogurt and cheese, is important to us and to our customers.
Like most dairy lovers, we know there are many moments for cheese and yogurt, and many choices for those moments. We hope this item list and descriptions helps lead the way!

Our cheese and yogurts are available for direct purchase at our farmstand and area markets. We encourage pre-orders via our website, email or phone.

Product descriptions

Item  Description
 Yogurt  Tasty display of Guernsey goodness! Milk and cultures. No fillers.
Flavored yogurt cheeses  Condensed version of our yogurt, and a flavorful, nutrient dense alternative to dips, condiments and spreads ~ Four varieties
Cranberry Almond


Fruity, creamy, nutty.
Curry Garlic


Infused with savory, bay, curry and garlic.


Curry and garlic infused.
Rosemary garlic


Rosemary and garlic infused.
Queso Blanco Fresh, slightly sweet, simple.


Cheese Curds Where aged cheeses start. A nutrient dense snack.
Ricotta Fresh and creamy.
Feta style–in oil or brine Creamy take on a Mediterranean favorite.
Brin D’Amor* Velvety texture with earthy tones.
W.H.ite Gold* Creamy, buttery, bloomy rind with earthy notes.
Mozzarella* Buttery version of this party favorite.
Strachino* Soft table cheese. Hint of fresh buttermilk with creamy finish.
Whole-Oh-My* Squeaks when you eat! Caramelizes with grilling.
Anari* Whey-cheese, similar to ricotta. Fresh and simple.
Guernsey Gold Farmhouse Cheddars ~ Four varieties
Original Creamy, buttery, slightly nutty.
Chive Creamy, buttery notes, infused with chive.
Dill Light grassy notes, infused with dill.
BeerME Life’s purest drinks meet in cheese! Local beer, local milk.